Kale Chip

We focus on offering a healthier alternative for consumers that are more health conscious.   By avoiding process foods, artificial flavors, artificial colors, harmful chemicals, preservatives and becoming aware of what they eat and protecting the environment.   Washed twice with filtered alkaline water, massaged and air dried, a labor of pure goodness and love.  


Gigi's Kale’s chips provide consumers with the daily required nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals.  Gigi's kale chips are well-seasoned with natural organic herbs and spices, made from the most delicious and nutritious ingredients on the planet.  They are air dried to perfection.  Gigi has partnered with Kansas city local organic farmers who  worked  with her from start to finish. Gigi's packaging is biodegradable which means it’s environmentally friendly.

Gigi's story

Gigi, a cancer survivor, she knows the importance of healthy eating.  In the summer 2015 she was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Gigi discovered by eating a diet consist of organic raw foods, she could reverse her cancer, and so she did!  Her health and energy has never been better!    


Gigi wanted to incorporated healthy snacks into her new lifestyle 

She loved kale and was told to try kale chips.... She searched for kale chips that packed a great crunch, burst with flavor, organic, raw, and vegan.  However, for her, that was hard to find in the grocery stores.


She decided to make her own Kale Chips.  Her family and friends loved them. They encouraged her to allow others to enjoy her delicious healthy snack.  A true labor of love!